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    Thursday 14:00 - 16:00

When did you begin DJ'ing and what made you start


I began Djing in 1991 Bgan radio 1993 LUG massive



What would you say influenced you towards House music?


Ive loved music as far back as I can remember but house music took hold in the late 80s with the progression of warehouse disco creeping in to the mainstream



Of the many genres of House, which are your favourite?


I can tolerate all Genres of house but love vocal uplifting and strongbeat.




Which artists, producers and tracks stand out for you, both now and from the past?


Artists like India Ire, Kenny Bobian, Micheal Watford, Marc Evans Hit the nail for me. MAW, Grant Nelson, MuvaFunkers and soooo many more as producers.



Name some highlights or a profound moment in your time as a DJ


Highlights of my career include Playing to a massive crowd going crazy to the music I’m playing.



Have you done any production? If not, is it something you aim to do?


Im currently working on a couple of projects that will be put out there  real soon. I'm receiving some projects from other producers that will be promoted on my radio show.




Going on from that, what are your musical plans for the future?


My musical plans include some bookings at some clubs in this country and talk of some guesting in some bars and clubs in Europe.