Brutha Basil

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    Every Monday 16.00 - 18.00

Brutha Basil
DJ - Artist - Poet - Producer – Writer/Journalist – Remixer
Brutha Basil, a former Paradise Garage staff member has been a relevant fixture in underground/dance music culture over since the 1980’s. 
Brutha Basil was mentored by house and dance music pioneers, namely the late greats, such as Larry Levan (whom he shared a residency with at The Choice in NYC) and Frankie Knuckles.
As an artist starting as "Basil HardHaus" on the legendary Nu Groove & "Basil" King Street record labels. And currently with multiple Collaborations with Grammy Winner DJ Louie Vega project collaborations include DJ’s Spen, Mark Francis, Paris Cesvette, Ron Trent.
And scheduled January 2019 release with music icon and soulful legendary Will Downing. As well his 2nd Groove Odyssey release (first release Freedom Of Dance, with Louie Vega) entitled “Stress” with DJ Mark Francis. In addition a project scheduled with internationally popular FNX Omar.
Brutha Basil’s weekly show MY HAUS BRUTHA BASIL has become highly anticipated and features the genres of Afro, Soulful, Deep House and Underground Classics as well Disco.