Dusky - Ordinary World EP - (17 Steps)

I recently reviewed the club bouncer 'Skin Deep' for these pages so imagine my delight at finding a further three prime cuts of sinewy, edgy, nu-house available and bundled up together with the bright and bouncy 'Skin Deep' as the 'Ordinary World EP'.


'Jilted' is a monotone, synth-powered AK47 with ethereal vocals to lighten the tone. 'Parakeet Feet' is a go hard or go home slab of opaque, looped techno with a throbbing, anti-gravity pull so powerful it'll nail you to the ceiling and chinks of light so welcomed that you begin to feel weightless and free and yet part of life's larger fractal connection. 'Squeezer' is a housier affair, with a menacing bottom end, scissor kick hi-hats and a wonky bassline that whizzes everything up into a psychedelic nu-house smoothie in its bright vocal centrifuge.


An extraordinary EP from Dusky that blends all their great influences and leaves no waste, just like a tech house nutribullit.

3.5 out of 5



Source: www.dmcworld.net/