Tribe Vaults Volume 4 Afro House Edition [Tribe Records]

Countless musicians are realizing that Afro-House is the way to go, so it's no surprise that so many compilations, volumes, and albums are released on a daily basis. There is a contagious fever sweeping across Africa from Cape to Cairo infecting anyone and everyone in sight, whether foreigner or native. The Afro House revolution is growing in magnitude on foreign shores as well, In London particularly much is to be expected of Afro House enthusiasts living over there and true to form, and much is being realized. Tribe Records is a record label that was created in spring 2008. A haven of house music, it's located in the United Kingdom.



The concept of this label is to spread new original music undiluted by the commercial bubblegum sounds that characterize other genres such as hip-hop.( no offence to hip-hop J) Original music stretching from South Africa to the America's encompassing even Europe is a very important part of their core business. Boasting an impressive repertoire of artists such as Liquideep, Zepherin Saint, Dj Micks, and even South African songstress Bucie, to mention just a few. They even have Black Motion, the guys who gave us 'Banane Mavoko" and "The Lazy Song." Those are Afro-house classics; it's just not a house party without those songs. This label has all the best and most stimulating acts to come out of the African continent right now.


The Tribe Vaults Volume series is an opportunity for the label to showcase the current eminent artist's in house music whilst debuting some great new music. Volume 4 is the latest Afro-House edition which is packed with great beats. The 20 minute mix is a very energetic set that features Arnauld D, Phil Marwood, Rancido, Mephia and Andrum, Afrokaya, Jackie Queens, DJ Wing, Twinny Tee and Mar V, DJ Oats, Invaders of Afrika and Deuce Concept. I found it vigorous, and packed with lively rhythm. I fell in love with Conqueror (Moroka Remix) by Jackie Queens. Upbeat, and buoyant, it was an immediate lift on my spirits.


Great for dance sessions, I immediately added it on my Licence to Chill playlist. All the songs on this mix can be individually bought on Traxsource. Rosey's by Afrokaya, the next track was a very relaxed but still very danceable beat that I found very imaginative.


No More War is a spoken word narrative. Soulful... the voice that accompanies the deep afro-beat seems to be beseeching for an end to all war, it's followed by Emotions and Contemplations by Mephia and Andrum. This song lends continuum to the theme of reflection evident in both songs. A bit gloomy though, the mellow mood is quickly erased by Kwanzaa, an eclectic sounding mix that borrows heavily from electronic influences. The next song, Green Africa is a deep bass that makes you believe you have all the time in the work, It's probably really danceable if you have been holding on to one too many margarita's. The opposite if you are stone cold sober, as it lulls you into a false sense of security.


House music to the world, this phrase is art in living motion by Tribe Records. Tribe Vaults Volume 4 | The Afro-House Edition is a great compilation to possess in one's music library. It's available on Sound Cloud and you can buy it of Traxsource as well.