Joey Negro - Free Bass

There certainly is no need to tell you the importance of Mr. Dave Lee aka Joey Negro for our music. The man who changes music monikers like pants can sometimes be The Sunburst Band, Jakatta, Z Factor, Raven Maize or even Dave Lee. His compilations on his very own Z Records label are equally strong as the single releases on it and so it astonishes me that the man is taking a step aside and releases a single on another label. I can clearly see why he went with Italian label Rebirth though as Shield Contrini, label boss, A&R and producer himself is one of the music industry's biggest heads when it comes to putting out special high quality tracks and that's what we are talking about with Dave's new cut:




'Free Bass' is an ode to the bass guitar, an unusual nu disco cut that is completely centered around a live bass jam – not unlike something you'd hear on a Larry Graham or Stanley Clarke LP. Add in a slamming beat, some super funky clavinet riffs, a Parliament style vocal chant and you've got quirky club cut that's hard to stay still to. Rebirth producers Shield and Corrado Bucci get together to create a strong re-edit, adding atmospheric swirling, filtered strings and giving the track a deeper touch.


Quite the track of the summer for me I must admit. The bassline is just enormous. 10/10 (Mannix)