Wipe The Needle feat. Kenny Bobien - Where I Live (Incl. Guyana Son Remixes) (Makin Moves)

Makin' Moves finish 2016 with a great song produced by one of the most prolific house producers this year, Wipe The Needle featuring one of the most well known singers in soulful house music, Kenny Bobien.


Wipe The Needle have had a great 2016, with djs still playing our last release featuring Lifford 'Rise Up' so we're expecting great things from this exciting collaberation.


We also worked earlier this year with Kenny Bobien and it's great to be back working with him, as we've always been a big fan of his music.



Writing & Credits


Written by L Gomez, K Bobien & M Cooper

Produced and arranged, drums and percussion by Lee Gomez

Lyrics written and performed by Kenny Bobien

Keys by Matt Cooper

Mixed and mastered by Toni Economides

Executive production: Jamesey D & Matt Langrish-Smith