Sheree Hicks - Royal Love Rekindled (Chic Soul Music)

Sheree Hicks, owner and artist of Chic Soul Music Presents Royal Love Rekindled. As if the original by Sean Ali and Venei Grette, didn't touch our hearts and souls enough, we are now introduced to a whole new array or remixes. Royal Love Rekindled has breathed upon us a brand new breath of fresh air, featuring 6 new remixes.


Hailing from Korea,  Kyle Kim's French Kiss Mix has quickly blazed up the charts reaching top ten in a matter of a few days. Soulful house at it's finest!!


Derrick Ricky Nelson and Charles Dixon give you the bonus track, the Eternal Flame Mix which features a special guest, Former MCA Recording Artist Jeff Redd with Sheree Hicks.  He gives a whole new feeling of love with his spirited and soulful vocals.


Steve Maestro's Royal Flush Mix gives you the energy that illuminates on the dance floor.  It radiates positive uplifting vibes.


DJ Beloved and Reggie Steele bring the Majestic Mix to the package and Majestic it is indeed. With an amazing deep house feel it's perfect for any deep set.


Behind the Royal Lust Mix is none other than Sean Ali.  It has his signature classy, soulful and sultry sound all over it. 


DJ Pope's Chivalry Mix is super soulful, highlighting melodic piano, the perfect mixture of Chicago and Baltimore.



Royal Love Rekindled
Written and vocal arrangements by
Sheree Hicks
Performed by Sheree Hicks