DJ Spax-vybz - A Decade Later (Nulu)

DJ Spax-vybz is back on Nulu featuring Kafele and Koku Gonza with the release of his EP 'A Decade Later', inspired by his departure from the place he called home... Botswana. To tell and share stories of our artists make us proud and an honor to release special projects. A 'Decade Later' is one of this project containing a musical journey filled with inspiration of Spax's life history expressed in five unique tracks.


“A Decade Later EP” is about my life and the struggle of being an artist. Struggles I went through, my addiction into house music, my fall and rise', says Spax.



1.DJ Spax-vybz Feat. Koku Gonza - Penda Curious (Main Mix)
2.DJ Spax-vybz Feat. Kafele - Never Settle (Main Mix)
3.DJ Spax-vybz - Gift Of Happiness (Tribute To Georges Mashokae)
4.DJ Spax-vybz - Resistance (Dub Mix)

5.DJ Spax-vybz - Gods Of Botswana (Spiritual Heritage Mix)



'A Decade Later EP”
Written by: Kafele & Koku Gonza
Produced & Directed by: DJ Spax-vybz