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President Obama sends condolence letter to Frankie Knuckles' family

Any Chicago music fan of the '80s and '90s to present day would acknowledge the huge contributions that Frankie Knuckles made to that city's (and American) culture with his blend of disco, electronic music and gay-friendly nightlife.


That includes the city's most famous expat: President Obama.


After Knuckles' death last month, the president wrote a condolence letter to his family and friends. DJ and manager David Morales, whose agency Def Mix represented Knuckles, posted it to Facebook this morning.


In the letter, Obama calls Knuckles "a trailblazer in his field," whose pioneering house music can still "capture our attention and ignite our imagination." The president added, "his legacy lives on in the city of Chicago and on dance floors across the world."


The letter is not the first time Obama has honored Knuckles. As an Illinois state senator, he helped declare Aug. 25 "Frankie Knuckles Day" in 2004.


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