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    Thursday 22:00 - 00:00


When did you begin DJ'ing what made you start?

I started Djing when I was 15 years old. After school I would go to my friends house and play around on his KAM Belt Drive Turntables, Back then I was into Garage but learned quickly that I wasn't very good but I enjoyed it so stuck with it. I listened to favourite DJs on Radio and made it my mission to get to those same levels.


What would you say influenced you towards House music?

I discovered House Music on a random night out in 2002. I was immediately captivated by the atmosphere and vibe, the type of sounds I was hearing was very different to anything I had ever experienced, I had a great night and the music stayed with me, playing in my head for days after and from there my love for House Music and was born.

Of the many genres of House witch are your favourite?

Deep House for me is my main passion, I like the way the bass line chops and changes and the way some producers use vocal samples from different Genres of music...DJ S.K.T and Duke Dumont epitomise this in my opinion. Taking it back, I love Julio Bashmore's 'Battle for the Middle' and when it time for the After After Party, Maceoplex is always guaranteed to take you to those next levels. When it comes to remixs Tchami is that guy, he can turn any tune into a super club banger, he has a way of crossing deep house with an electro element which makes him stand out amongst the others.

Name some highlights or profound moment in your time as a DJ

There are too many highlights to mention but one that stands out is when I once filled in for a well known DJ who failed to make his set. The promotors failed to announce that the billed DJ was unable to make it. My set was explosive, there was smoke, confetti and fire breathers. The atmosphere was immense. But for me the icing on the cake was the feedback given to the scheduled DJ on Twitter the next day about how great his set was and I was at home thinking...Yeah, that was me. It was a win win situation for me because the crowd loved my set to the point that they had not noticed I wasn't who I thought I was.

Have you done any production? If not is it something you aim to do?

I did do some production back in the day and have done some co-production but nothing in recent times

Going on from that, what are your musical plans for the future?

I am itching to further explore production, I have visions and sounds in my head that I hope to translate into music for the masses. It is my dream to play abroad, I think that would be fun and vibsey. I would like to get the music out there in any capacity really. I am very lucky Djing, for me is a vocation so I am open to all avenues..it's for the love of the music.