Patrick Wilson

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  • Show Times: ELEMENTS

    Thursday 20.00 - 22.00

It would not be an overstatement to say that Patrick Wilson is the Spiritual Foundation for NuLife. It is his honesty, intensity and love that attracts devoted deep soul lovers from miles around to hear his sets. Well known coast to coast amongst (True) headz, Patrick has been an unapologetic champion of the Soul Experience. Known for his love of the Classics, Patrick's sets have come to represent the soundtrack to many of our lives. While weaving together music that spans over 3 generations, Patrick maintains musical coherency while at the same time breaking new sounds.


NuLife is a manifestation of Patrick's desire to have a place where people could come and celebrate the musical journey in its entirety. Patrick lists his good friend Frankie Feliciano along with Louie Vega, Timmy Regisford, and Tony Humphries amongst his musical influences.


Throughout his musical journey, Patrick has had the honor to play at Louie Vega's Dance Ritual alongside Frankie Feliciano and Louie Vega. He has also had the opportunity to play with some of House Music's best...Timmy Regisford, Danny Krivit, Dennis F., Master Kev, DJ Deep, Marques Wyatt, David Harness, Ron Trent, Karizma, King Britt....just to name a few. As is the tradition of most music aficionado's Patrick has become an inspiration to his peers and many others. Bringing people together through his love for the music.