Pioneer DJ has launched Interface 2, a new soundcard that opens up rekordbox dvs to all DJs allowing them to scratch and control the music on their rekordbox library using any DJ equipment. Connecting it is quick and simple.



interface2 main 696x631



The new 2-channel audio interface comes bundled with license keys for rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs, as well as 2 control vinyl  (RB-VS1-K time coded vinyl records). So users can start scratching their digital tracks as soon as it’s unboxed.




interface2 rear 696x161




Plus, with its crystal-clear sound, the Interface 2 guarantees professional audio at all times. Audio files up to 96kHz sampling rate are supported by the high-quality D/A converter designed to give club standard sound.



Other features:


Mains or USB power – choose your preferred source
Stand-alone audio interface – use the INTERFACE 2 for recording audio to your
computer or to send audio to speakers
Large signal GND terminal – firmly holds turntables’ ground wires to reduce noise. The
knob stays attached even when fully turned, so it can’t be dropped
High-quality audio – supports 44.1 kHz / 48 kHz / 96 kHz signals
DVS options – use time coded vinyl (included) or custom control signal WAV file for use
via CDs or USB drive (free download available)
LEDs indicating signal flow
Compact, robust chassis




Interface 2 will be available early in July with a retail price of €299.


Watch a promo video for ‘Interface 2‘ below.